Thursday, 23 March 2017

Facing the Moon - creation and symbolism or why I chose this name?

Choosing your artistic name or your brand's name is a very important thing. We all want to be easily recognizable, unique and creative. 

Well when I chose my brand's name I was barely 20 years old basically still a teenager. Seven years ago I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life, had some undefined goals, went through a university applying crisis and in the end this influenced my name choice.

I wanted to be different from all artists, I wanted my name to be associated with something different than Art, craft, handmade etc. There are enough PoliART, Polina Handmade jewelry, PolymerART by Polina etc. We all know the common and popular names. I wanted mine to have deeper meaning. So I started to think. It took me 10 minutes to created it :D Fast, ain't I?

When I created Facing the Moon I was imaging something mysterious, dark, forbidden. Basically your typical post-punk-gothic-teenage-period. Only 7 years later I realized the meaning of my choice, my Inner self was guiding me without me realizing it. It was funny because this lead to increasing my motivation, creating my logo and setting my art believes and goals.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hello world!

It's been 5 years since my last publication here. So many things happened during this time - I went on Erasmus in Poland, then moved to Czech republic, changed jobs twice, found my muse again, married and gave birth to a baby girl. Yeah, definitely a lot of things. Some very important, others not so much. But I do believe each change, no matter how small it is, is important, because small things lead to bigger events. And of course for everything there is a reason.

Back to the point, what to expect from my blog? In my little free time, I decided to pour my thoughts here. Splendid ain't it ;) You will find some of my works in progress; jewelry explanations, ideas and inspirations. Basically everything connected with art and inspiration. I will post things that I believe are worth reading, things that I do and motivate or inspire me, things I find inspiring. I would like to create a place where I can express my thought. I know we have Facebook, Instagram and twitter but those medias are so ... fast and mainstream. I would prefer to have something more old fashioned, something that is cozy and everyone can relate to.

Keeping my blog motivational, inspirational and personal - this is my goal.

Hope you will stay tuned and be interested. Feel free to comment or ask questions. I also appreciate feedback so don't hold back if you wish to share something with me!