About me

My name is Polina and I will be your guide in my messy blog dedicated to my art, thoughts and everyday craziness. I started working with polymer clay around 2010, had a 4 years pause and got inspired again to create. I walked a long road of experimenting, learning and making mistakes (not only in my art). I do not state that I am an expert, I believe I have a lot more to learn but you can say, I do have some pretty decent stuff. Of course, better to judge by yourself.

I currently live in Brno (Czech republic or recently known as Czechia), have a great husband and a small baby girl. Let me tell you that - taking care for a baby and trying to craft in the same time - it's a pretty tricky business. And this is the reason why I love it!

This year I decided to give it a shot and to open an on-line store and also to revive my blog. I do need a place to complain except on Facebook ;)

Hope you will enjoy my perks as much as I do :)